Our resources

The Centre for Data Leadership offers a diversity of tools and resources for the purposes of building your capacity to act and invest.

Here's our key resources in helping build data leadership:

  • The Data Leadership Vitals - download our core resource for raising greater awareness and capacity around the five data leadership vitals - data purpose, privacy, security, ethics and governance. You can also download our supporting tool - the Data Leadership Vitals Readiness Questions.

  • Data Exchange Canvas - a practical tool to help your organisation understand, track and act on supporting data exchange activities to unlock value. Download it here.

  • Data Dialogue Video's - these on demand webinars feature guest speakers sharing their latest insights on core data leadership and activation topics. Check out the library of videos here.

  • Data Leadership Guidance Note: Privacy Impact Assessment - provides an overview of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for Cities, and outlines the fundamentals, benefits and key steps in undertaking a PIA. It is intended to assist local governments in managing privacy around new projects and initiatives. You can download the document here.


  • Data Leadership Collaborative Engagement Series - the CfDL hosts a multi-week online collaborative engagement process that helps cities scope their own data leadership roadmap. If you are a government employee or SCC member you can register for our next series in February 2021 here.

  • The Smart Cities Chronicles - our podcast  that covers all things digital and data for cities, featuring discussions with industry and government leaders. Subscribe and listen here.


  • The Digital Twin Task Force - this is a SCC member-only task-based group of stakeholders creating a range of resources for supporting the creation of a thriving Digital Twin market place in Australia and New Zealand. The Task Force publishes all its work on the Australia/New Zealand Digital Twin Hub.