Data Exchange Whitepaper

In partnership with our member company Civic Analytica, we’re proud to announce the publication of a new whitepaper, Data Exchange - Digital Collaboration for a Data Economy.


The reason for publishing this resource is that we want to provide strategic guidance to executive and digital leaders on the emerging opportunity presented by Data Exchange. We believe today’s leaders across private, public and third sectors need to consider the Exchange of Digital Value (Data Exchange) in positioning their organisations to create value from their digital assets and to participate in the Data Economy.


The objectives this paper will address include:

  • Help leaders sift through the confusion and build clarity for digital success

  • Change the discussion about data to help make a real difference with data

  • Clarify why Data Exchange is important to consider sooner in the digital journey rather than later

  • Outline how Data Exchange is distinct from other prevailing and emerging terms and themes

  • Bring hope to organisations struggling to create value with digital assets and create awareness of the power of an ecosystem approach to data

  • Define some practical steps to making Data Exchange work for you.


Reading this paper will give you insight into:

  • How Value Exchange is a key foundation for digital 
value creation

  • The Dichotomy of Data – how data is our most abundant, most critical yet most underutilised resource

  • Diversity of data as a practical way of considering and accelerating the value your organisation derives from data

  • The need for Democracy in Data to unleash the ability for all organisations and sectors to create far more value from the data universe

  • How Data Collaboration will create more success and benefit than any of the prevailing approaches

  • How the ecosystems organisations already operate in can be the key to digital success. 

You can download the full version and the summary version of paper.