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The Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand launched the Centre for Data Leadership in January 2020 after more than three years of listening and learning about the role of data in generating insights for cities, and how this can accelerate greater liveability, workability and sustainability in our communities.


We observed the significant challenges that organisations are facing in their pursuit to become data-led and insights-driven. While open and shared data practices, and policies, are proliferating, there seems to be a lack of leadership in 'activating' data.


By this we mean the use of actionable intelligence to allocate resources where it can deliver the greatest impact. And in addition, we continue to show a lack of willingness to amend policy and change our practices in response to what the data says.


Put simply, we are not using data and insights to deliver the best possible social, environmental and economic benefits to the nation.

We don't believe we have a data problem. But rather, a data leadership opportunity.

We are seeking data leadership within this generation - every city, every region, every community.

Join us.

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Australia Lead | Adam Beck

New Zealand Lead | Jannat Maqbool