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 Welcome to our work to promote the use of data and insights to fuel prosperity, productivity and sustainability in our cities, towns and regions.

The Vitals

In pursuing our mission to catalyse data leadership across our cities, towns and regions, we are raising greater awareness and capacity around the five Data Leadership Vitals - data purpose, privacy, security, ethics and governance. These are the 'north star' when it comes to data leadership. We created the 'Vitals' to help organisations break down the journey to build greater capability in delivering social, economic and environmental value from data to our communities.

Data Activation

We are promoting opportunities around key 'data activation' platforms such as data trusts, data exchanges and digital twins. These are three approaches to activating data that can support our mission to fuel prosperity, productivity and sustainability in our cities, towns and regions.

Here are some resources to further explore the opportunities from these platforms and approaches:

  • Data Trust Overview - Coming Soon... a video summarising some of the key attributes and opportunities of developing a data trust to support your data governance and activation aspirations.

  • Data Exchange Canvas - a practical tool to help your organisation understand, track and act on supporting data exchange activities to unlock value.

  • The Digital Twin Hub - a community platform created for those who own, create or participate in the Digital Twin ecosystem and wish to learn more, or participate in the creation of a thriving digital twin market place in Australia and New Zealand.

The Data Leadership Influencers50

The Data Leadership Influencers50 is a list of the most influential policy makers, practitioners and academics in data leadership across Australia and New Zealand. It is our way of rewarding those who champion data leadership in the region. Each year the Smart Cities Council will reveal the cohort of Influencers and celebrate their leadership at a virtual ceremony.


What is Data Leadership?

We view data leadership through the lens of the five Data Leadership Vitals, and the ability to use data for impactful purposes - what we call 'data activation'.

Who should nominate?

Anyone working with data to enhance social, economic and environmental outcomes can nominate themselves or their peers. Nominations are open to all sectors - public, private, academia and NGO's. If you feel you or a peer has demonstrable evidence of advancing data leadership, consider nominating yourself, or them.

How many people can you nominate?

You are welcome to nominate as many people as you like. However please consider the criteria, and ensure their experience is relevant and they have had an impact in their work.

What is the cost to enter?

There is no cost to nominate either yourself or a peer. 


When do nominations close?

The Data Leadership Influencers50 winners are announced at the beginning of each year. Nominations for the 2022 list closes on Friday, 17 December 2021.

How are nominations assessed?

The independent Jury reviews each nomination submission to score its level of alignment with the following criteria:

  • Advancement of the Data Leadership Vitals - purpose, privacy, security, ethics and governance

  • Leadership in data activation - by supporting insights-driven decision making using emerging approaches such as data trusts, data exchanges and Digital Twins.

How do you submit a nomination?

Our online portal facilitates both self-nominations, and nomination of peers.

If you have any questions, please contact

This information about the Data Leadership Influencers50 is also provided in this booklet.